Joined: October 2017

Based in: Finchley, NW7

“I have grown up with cats since a very young age, we always had cats at home.

My mother adored them and would always have a cat on her lap! I currently have a rescue cat who is five years old and has settled into our home very nicely.

Although he was a handful at first due to his previous background, he has calmed down and enjoys his new surroundings.

My previous cat lived to be 19 years old and he was a stray that adopted us, I enjoy caring for cats, when my neighbour is on holiday I feed 5 cats I am used to visiting other people’s homes to ensure their cats are taken care of whilst they are away.

I have recently taken early retirement, having worked in banking for several years and want to take up something more rewarding working with cats and have therefore decided to join the CitiKiti Team.”