Joined: January 2018

Based in: N1, Islington

When I was six a demanding diva of a Siamese cat arrived in our home. Gigi, a seal point female with the voice of a banshee was, in her own mind the most important being in the household and always on the wrong side of a door.

From then on a succession of cats, some better bred than others were a part of childhood and growing up.

Feeding, grooming, tick removal (I lived in tropical places), how to give medicine without being carved up, playing, laughing, grieving when as happens a cat or kitten died and then the funeral planning; unknowingly the cats and many other pets, taught us lessons about life and love.

When I came to work in London I decided not to have a cat of my own. Inevitably, because I missed having a small furry body around the house I ended up looking after friends' cats and being a holiday home for various small dogs.

I'm a complementary therapist, Iyengar yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. I retired from the NHS in 2017 but continue to work with private clients.

The gift of touch and energy matter as much for animals as for humans. I have a garden and talk to my plants and trees as well as the birds and neighbour cats, it's a grand thing to do.