Joined: Dec 2016

Based in: Highbury Islington, N1

“I am passionate about animals and always have been. I have Over fourteen years’ experience working with a variety of domestic animals, mainly cats and dogs, rabbits, small furies, as well as some wild life and birds in a busy animal hospital. I had a passion for fashion and costume making which I studied and worked in for a while, but my passion for animals took over later on in my life.

Through my work at the animal hospital I have so far volunteered to foster approximately twenty-three cats, to enable them to recuperate from operations, trauma, illness, or just to restore their trust in humans again, this has given me great pleasure and I have found this process very rewarding, knowing that I have helped an animal regain its health and helped it on its way to a brand new happy home and life.

I grew up in a family who always had a dog and sometimes hamsters, guinea pigs, even now my family has cats, dogs, fish and ponies which I have often taken care of whilst my father goes on a holiday, alongside house sitting.

I have also cat sat in my own home for one of my manager’s cats, as well as cat and house sat on a couple of occasions during the school holidays, for people who I have worked for.

I appreciate and understand how a precious a cat, or any pet is, and is thought of as a family member, and how worrying it is to have to leave them at home whilst you go away on a holiday or for any other reason. Having travelled quite a lot myself, I have experienced the anxiety of the situation, this is why I make every effort to reassure and give lots of love and fuss to any animal in my care, to make them feel at ease and less worried when their owners are away.

I love meeting new animals and making friends with them, they are all individuals and have unique personalities just like us.”