Why does my cat have “crazy cat minutes”?

Running around the house like a maniac, jumping up on things, chasing their tail, having a “wild” look in their eyes, we’ve all seen it: the crazy five minutes. Short bursts of energetic behaviour that seem to begin out of the blue and then stop almost as suddenly as it began. Why do cats go crazy like this?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple: because cats sleep a lot and most of our cats live indoors they have excess energy to burn. In the wild, cats hunt for food but they don’t have to do so when living with us. Everything is provided for them. However, their hunting instincts still exist, even a very small insect can trigger the “zoomies”.

This running around is a way to release some energy and keep in shape. You’ll find that your cat does this less often if you play with them and let them hunt feathers attached to a rod or piece of string, for example.

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