Why do cats scratch the floor as though they are trying to bury their food dish?

It’s been a while since we added a post in the ‘Wednesday Why’ category so high time for a new one!

Your cat may try to cover up their food to hide it away and eat it later. Feral cats have been observed to retrieve uneaten food that they previously stored somewhere. Another explanation may be that the cat does not particularly like that food, although not everyone agrees with this explanation.

This behaviour is remarkably robust: cats that have always lived indoors do this as well as outdoor cats. The fact that this behaviour is so robust ties in with another, and in my opinion more likely explanation, that cats bury their leftover food – and faeces – in order to avoid alerting predators to the cat’s presence. This instinctive behaviour remains very strong as it is an important survival strategy for cats living in the wild or outdoors.

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