What life is like when you’re a cat sitter

Written by Karen Juffermans and published on katzenworld.co.uk as well.

I work as a cat sitter and it’s the best job in the world 🙂
People ask me whether I just feed and clean litter trays all day. Well, yes and no. I mean I do feed cats and clean litter trays, but there’s much more to it.
If you’ve always wondered what being a cat sitter is like, then this is for you.
If you generally like reading about cats and their silly antics I’m sure you’ll appreciate it too 🙂

First of a series of visits to Sophie today. I’ve known her for a while and she is very relaxed. I open the door and she walks up to say hello. Now normally she runs straight to the kitchen after that but not today. Actually, she really doesn’t seem hungry at all. This surprises me because she is truly food obsessed. When I walk into the kitchen it all becomes clear: Sophie has managed to open the cupboard and there’s dry food all over the floor. It makes me laugh out loud. What to text the client: that Sophie has been a bit naughty or very self-reliant?


Next up is Buddy. He is a sweet old guy who was recently diagnosed with kidney disease.  Timing of my visit is important as he needs medication every day. Some cats can be a little tricky with pills, but not this guy!

After this it’s time to relax together and listen to the calming cat music playing in the background. I’m certainly feeling very zen when I leave.


My next guy is a teenage boy. He used to sleep on my arm and nuzzle my neck, but the hormones are kicking in and cuddling is not cool. Ever since he figured out how to open the sliding door he’s waiting for me in the hallway instead of the living room 🙂

I love Gandalf. He loves all sorts of toys. He likes giving any of his stuffed animals a good kicking and chasing the infamous “red dot” of the  laser pen. In fact, I’ve never seen a cat jump so high up on the wall trying to reach it!








You know what, let’s just chill…                 Forget that, got to attack my horse!

Time for a visit to the best mother-daughter duo: Lyra and Sooty. Lyra tends to eat her daughter’s food if they are not kept separated during mealtimes… But then, if Sooty is not yet finished that means more TLC for Lyra (who absolutely loves attention).

After all necessities (food, water, litter trays) it is time for their favourite game! These guys have various things to play with: boxes, activity feeders, kicking toys, balls, a laser pen, a play circuit, but none of these is quite as good as….. a proper riding whip! They love jumping up to get it, chasing it across the floor or chasing it underneath the rustling papers. They love it so much that they both want to play with the whip at the same time… Refereeing skills are essential here!

One of the last ones today is Thom. He is a new cat. He’s a gorgeous 13 year old boy with a history of liver problems. I’ve been visiting him for a few days now and he always comes inside as soon as he hears me. Either that or he is already home and asleep on the sofa. When I come I notice something strange lying on the kitchen floor. ‘What on earth has the cat dragged in?’ is going through my mind. I walk closer and somehow it looks like raw chicken?? Did he go through any of the neighbours’ bins? Well… no…. Thom has found a way to open the freezer and made a hole in the bag with chicken thighs. He’s eaten the skin and left the rest. He’s sitting in the kitchen grooming himself and looking rather pleased with himself…



Final visit of the day is to a lovely kitten named Benny 🙂 He is so adorable! I’m already in love with him, but look at that face: who wouldn’t be?!

He likes having cuddles but has a lot of energy too so I make him chase some toys as well. Worst part is leaving him at the end of my visits. He gives me the sweetest little meow. I think it means ‘Don’t leave me’ but then it could also just be ‘See you later!’



I can well imagine if you’re now considering becoming a cat sitter as well. And you know what: CitiKiti is looking for new cat sitters in London as we are expanding in many parts of North & East London.

For more information, click here to watch our video, email us at info@citikiti.co.uk or come and see us at the LondonCats International Show & Expo!



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