TV for your cat

I’ve previously written about computer games for cats and one of our clients’ cats, Buddy, enjoying calming music for cats so now it’s time for watching telly with cats.

Quite a few cats enjoy watching telly with their humans. Dirk – not me obviously – seems to enjoy Masterchef, sports and BBC’s Earthflight.

And now you can find designated ‘movies for cats’ on YouTube or Amazon Prime, because why not?

Dirk and I have watched two of them now – he made me do it. There are several options, depending on your cat’s preferences. They feature song birds, squirrels, chipmunks, a hunting hawk, raccoons and catbirds (thus named because of its cat-like meowing calls). Dirk, like most cats, loves birds so we had to watch that one, but he also proved to be a fan of squirrels and chipmunks!

Mind you, Dirk’s attention span is limited. After all, he needs lots of naps. After about 10 minutes he’d had enough and actually went to play with some of his toys. It’s good fun though, and I guess it will keep your cat entertained / distracted for a bit which can come in useful when you’re cooking or trying to eat in peace 😉

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