Thinking of getting a cat?

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During the COVID-19 pandemic many people adopted puppies or kittens. After all, what better time to adopt a pet than when you are spending so much time at home? It seemed like the perfect chance to raise a puppy or kitten and of course young animals provide a lot of fun! A pet is a lifelong commitment, however, so it is worth taking your time and thinking things through before you go and see puppies or kittens (after all, they are incredibly hard to resist!)

When you decide to get a pet it is always good to think about the pros and cons. If you just bought a new home and new furniture then a cat may well destroy those. You need to decide whether the joys of having a cat outweigh any negatives. Also think about whether – and how – having a cat fits into your lifestyle. If you travel a lot then get in touch with us to book a cat sitter.

Everybody, well nearly everybody, loves kittens. And even though kittens are cute they are also a lot of work as they need more attention, interaction and are more inquisitive. Cotton buds become toys for them, as does pretty much everything they can pick up, scratch or chew. However, the kitten phase doesn’t last very long: within a year they are all grown up! They may become a bit more independent or less affectionate, this all depends on their character and early life experiences. When you adopt a kitten you help shape their character, but there are no guarantees that a kitten will grow up to be a cuddly cat. Some cats just don’t want to be cuddled all that much.

There are advantages to adopting an adult cat. Their characters have been shaped and they are more settled in themselves. You can visit a shelter and discuss what type of cat would best suit your lifestyle: whether you want a “lap cat” or one that is more independent.

As cats age, their needs change. They may develop health issues, for example, which can require you to change your lifestyle (for example if they develop diabetes and need insulin injections twice a day, 12 hours apart).

These are just some of the considerations to take into account when thinking about getting a cat or kitten. Our partners at International Cat Care provide more information here.

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