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Why do cats scratch the floor as though they are trying to bury their food dish?

It’s been a while since we added a post in the ‘Wednesday Why’ category so high time for a new one! Your cat may try to cover up their food to hide it away and eat it later. Feral cats

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Why do cats chatter their teeth when they spot a prey?

It’s time for another Wednesday Why? 🙂 Many owners will have heard and seen their cat chattering when they spot a prey. Indoor cats do it too even if they have never hunted. So why do they do this? Is

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Why do cats lick, wash or rub your face?

Wednesday Why! Cats wash or lick other members of their social group, the cats they are close to. This behaviour reinforces the bond and creates a “familiar group scent”. When cats live with people these people become their social group.

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Why do cats play with their prey?

We hope you enjoy your Wednesday Why 😉 This post is written by ICatCare | @ICatCare It’s been suggested that cats play more with ‘dangerous’ prey such as rats in order to practice manipulation and handling while avoiding being bitten.

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