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Five Toxic Autumn Plants to be Aware of if you Have Pets

* Originally published by katzenworld As in every season, our curious furry companions will naturally enjoy exploring their surroundings in autumn – particularly in gardens. Though autumnal plants may be wonderful to look at, they are not always safe for our

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COVID-19 advice for cat owners

* Information from our friends at International Cat Care As we mentioned in our post last week, there is no evidence that pets can become ill from the disease or be a source of infection for humans. However, carrying on with

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Keep your cats safe: antifreeze poisoning

December is here and so is the cold weather! We’ve had the first nights of frost here in London and many people – though not cat sitters – are hoping for a white Christmas! This time of year it’s important

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Cat friendly gardens (or balconies)

Most cats love spending time outdoors. They enjoy roaming the garden, rolling in the grass, sleeping in the sunshine and spotting (& catching) prey. Many city cats don’t have gardens but they have access to balconies. Dirk loves sitting there

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Feeling hot, hot, hot?

With another heatwave coming our way this summer it’s important to help our cats cope. Make sure they have enough water and cool places to sleep. Dirk loves being brushed during the hot days as he’s shedding a lot! He

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No Easter eggs for your cat – so more for you ;)

It’s almost Easter and we’re already looking forward to eating chocolate Easter eggs! I’m sure many of you will hide chocolate Easter eggs for their kids to find. Be careful where you leave them especially if you hide them in

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Have a cat friendly Christmas!

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Let’s make sure it is a wonderful time for our cats as well. Cats are naturally curious and most cats are  keen to explore the Christmas tree. I once woke

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Firework Season

Information from ICatCare about Cats and fireworks 80% of owners think their pets are frightened of fireworks yet over 25% do nothing to help… With less than a week to go until Bonfire Night take a look at our tips

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