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Breed differences in behaviour traits

Research by Salonen et al (2019) examined whether behavioural differences exist among cat breeds and whether behaviour is heritable. There will likely always be a debate whether behaviour is determined by nature or nurture, though in all likelihood it is a

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Do cats recognise their names?

* From our partners at International Cat Care As cat owners we naturally give our pet cats their own names. Sometimes fairly simple names ranging to quite unique and quirky choices! Most owners would agree that their cats seem to recognise

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How Valerian Works on Felines and its Benefit in Cat Toys

* Originally published by katzenworld Many online articles offer different views of the valerian root (valeriana officinalis) and the effect it has on our cats. Essentially the bottom line is that these toys are safe but just like catnip toys that can induce ecstatic

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Why does my cat beg for food all the time?

Many of us are familiar with this scene: you are in the kitchen preparing your own food or even doing the dishes and your cat keeps begging for food. They keep meowing, they stand up against your legs or cupboards,

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Why does my cat knead my lap when I am stroking it?

Time for a Wednesday Why? We all love when our cat sits in our lap and kneads our lap. They often purr while doing it. Cats also often do this in their beds or on their blankets. They are clearly

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Why do so many cats have white ‘socks’ on their paws?

A bit of a different Wednesday Why? today, not about behaviour but about cats having white ‘socks’. Professor Leslie Lyons, head of the University of Missouri’s Feline Genetics Laboratory, explains: Socks are rarely seen in wildcats, the elusive and undomesticated cousin

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Why does my cat bite (gently) and hold onto my arm sometimes when I am stroking it?

This Wednesday Why? will answer a question about stroking and playing with your cats. The answer depends on whether you have a kitten or an adult cat. Biting is normal play behaviour for kittens. The kitten needs to learn that they

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Why does my cat bring me dead mice?

It’s Wednesday again and time for another Wednesday Why? If your cat goes outside then you’ve probably seen them bring home a dead mouse or two… I know it is perfectly normal cat behaviour but I really don’t like dead

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Grimace scale helps determine whether cats are in pain

Sometimes it’s obvious your cat is in pain. Your cat may be howling, growling or hissing at you when you touch it in a painful spot. However, it is often less obvious they are in pain. After an injury or

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Will my current cat(s) accept a new cat?

*Adapted from our partners at International Cat Care It is very difficult to predict whether a cat will accept another cat into its household. Cats, as a species, have become more socially flexible during the process of domestication, but individuals

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