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Thinking of getting a cat?

* From our partners at International Cat Care During the COVID-19 pandemic many people adopted puppies or kittens. After all, what better time to adopt a pet than when you are spending so much time at home? It seemed like the

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A Good Night’s Sleep With Silentnight Pet Beds

* Originally written by Karen Juffermans for katzenworld.co.uk Can a cat ever have to many places to sleep? Dirk is looking at me sternly, which I guess means no. The more places to sleep, the better! Some cats never use

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What life is like when you’re a cat sitter

Written by Karen Juffermans and published on katzenworld.co.uk as well. I work as a cat sitter and it’s the best job in the world 🙂 People ask me whether I just feed and clean litter trays all day. Well, yes

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Bringing a new kitten home

Scientific name: Felis catus Size: The average house cat is eight to eleven pounds, but you can have a petite six-pound calico or a big 15-pound Maine Coon cat. Lifespan: Indoor cats regularly live to be 15, and some kitties

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How to take care of cats with kidney disease

  From the iCatCare Conference: written by Karen Juffermans   Chronic kidney disease is a common disease that affects over 30-40% of cats over 10 years old. This percentage is even higher in cats that are 15 years or older.

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Why do cats bring home dead prey?

Wednesday Why day 😉 This post is written by ICatCare | @ICatCare A cat is, and always will be, a predator. We may selectively breed for the cute attributes they display indoors but let any cat out and he will

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Playing with your cat – Part 4 (of 4)

Sunday – KITI Fun Day This post is written by ICatCare | @ICatCare Playing with kittens If you have a kitten it is important to teach basic good manners – cats should be discouraged from scratching, clawing or biting. This

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Challenges of keeping indoor cats happy

From the iCatCare Conference – written by Karen Juffermans Vicky Halls, the well-known cat behaviour counsellor, was one of the expert speakers at the conference in Birmingham. One of her presentations focussed on keeping cats happy, especially indoors cats. My

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Why do some cats miaow and others don’t?

Wednesday Why… This post is written by ICatCare | @ICatCare Researchers have noted some 19 different vocal patterns in cats, although individual cats may add their own personal sounds that they only use with their owners. Most of the sounds

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Playing with your cat – Part 3 (of 4)

Sunday – KITI Fun Day This post is written by ICatCare | @ICatCare Following on from the last 2 Sunday’s here are a few more ideas for enjoying a fun kiti Sunday 😉 Types of play Self play (solitary) •

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