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Katzenworld Recommends the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed as the Purrfect Carrier

* Originally published by katzenworld Despite the ongoing pandemic our most commonly received question is how to safely travel with your cat. A lot of this is of course down to the fact that people still need to go onto trips

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How to Choose & Use a Scratching Post for Your Cat

As a cat owner few things are more annoying then your cat not using their scratching post but instead scratching your bed, sofa, carpet, wallpaper or really anything BUT the scratching post! I loved this scratching barrel, it looked very

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Letting your cat/kitten outside for the first time

* From our partners at International Cat Care When given the choice, most cats would love to spend some, or all, of their time outdoors. After all, they can engage in behaviour that we often don’t like inside the home, such

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Why does my cat open doors?

It’s been a while, but here’s another Wednesday Why! Why does your cat open doors (and how do they learn how to do it)? Cats have excellent problem solving abilities so they will try various things until they find something

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Cats change their eating behaviour when moved from free access to restricted feeding

* From our partners at International Cat Care Limiting caloric intake is the basis of the standard approach to prevent obesity. Researchers investigated how cats’ feeding behaviour changes when they are switched from ad libitum (free access) to restricted feeding. One of

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Do cats recognise their names?

* From our partners at International Cat Care As cat owners we naturally give our pet cats their own names. Sometimes fairly simple names ranging to quite unique and quirky choices! Most owners would agree that their cats seem to recognise

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How Valerian Works on Felines and its Benefit in Cat Toys

* Originally published by katzenworld Many online articles offer different views of the valerian root (valeriana officinalis) and the effect it has on our cats. Essentially the bottom line is that these toys are safe but just like catnip toys that can induce ecstatic

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Why does my cat beg for food all the time?

Many of us are familiar with this scene: you are in the kitchen preparing your own food or even doing the dishes and your cat keeps begging for food. They keep meowing, they stand up against your legs or cupboards,

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Are you and your home cat friendly?

On International Cat Day, 8 August, International Cat Care organised online events for cat owners and other cat lovers to learn more about cats and their needs. This year, their focus was specifically on making cats happy and how to

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Keeping an eye on Dirk with an Ezviz camera

* Originally written by Karen Juffermans for katzenworld.co.uk I’m sure most cat owners wonder what their cats get up to when they are home alone. I certainly do! Sometimes I find evidence he’s been playing as there are toys all

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