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Do Cats’ Behaviours Change as They Age?

Just like humans, cats behaviours also change as they get older. “There are big changes that happen between kittenhood and adulthood as cats grow through developmental milestones, but also changes for senior cats as they go through the normal ageing

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World Kidney Day

To mark World Kidney Day we’re re-posting this blog about taking care of cats with kidney disease. From the iCatCare Conference: written by Karen Juffermans Chronic kidney disease is a common disease that affects over 30-40% of cats over 10

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Cats change their eating behaviour when moved from free access to restricted feeding

* From our partners at International Cat Care Limiting caloric intake is the basis of the standard approach to prevent obesity. Researchers investigated how cats’ feeding behaviour changes when they are switched from ad libitum (free access) to restricted feeding. One of

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Take Your Cat To The Vet Day

It is ‘Take Your Cat To The Vet Day’ today. This doesn’t mean we should all be taking our cats to the vet today, but it is important to take your cat to the vet for regular health checks. ‘Take Your Cat

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Helping Pets With Seizures and Epilepsy

Pets can have epilepsy and get seizures too. Watching your pet have a seizure can be very upsetting. Many of our cat sitters have dealt with seizures in cats at some point. Fortunately, we are first-aid trained so we know

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Covid-19 & Cats: an update from International Cat Care

* From our partners at International Cat Care International Cat Care was very concerned to read the BBC news report published 8/4/2020 presenting advice to keep cats indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article was alarmist and has since been

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COVID-19 advice for cat owners

* Information from our friends at International Cat Care As we mentioned in our post last week, there is no evidence that pets can become ill from the disease or be a source of infection for humans. However, carrying on with

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Can pets spread coronavirus?

With the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), there has been some speculation as to whether dogs or cats can become infected. However, the latest information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is that there is absolutely no evidence that

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Grimace scale helps determine whether cats are in pain

Sometimes it’s obvious your cat is in pain. Your cat may be howling, growling or hissing at you when you touch it in a painful spot. However, it is often less obvious they are in pain. After an injury or

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Keep your cats safe: antifreeze poisoning

December is here and so is the cold weather! We’ve had the first nights of frost here in London and many people – though not cat sitters – are hoping for a white Christmas! This time of year it’s important

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