Letting your cat/kitten outside for the first time

* From our partners at International Cat Care

When given the choice, most cats would love to spend some, or all, of their time outdoors. After all, they can engage in behaviour that we often don’t like inside the home, such as climbing and scratching and chasing prey.

Some cats run outside the minute you open the door, but others are a bit more shy. Going from living indoor only to having a garden to play in may sound like heaven to us, but not all cats deal well with such a big change. Gradually giving them more space outside works better for them and they may prefer you to go with them into the garden at first until they feel safe.

Our partners at International Cat Care provide an overview of important considerations to take into account when letting your cat go outside. Training recall for example, so they come home when you want them to. But also make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date as well as their flea and worm treatment.

Read all of their tips and recommendations in International Cat Care’s article.

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