Do Cats’ Behaviours Change as They Age?

Just like humans, cats behaviours also change as they get older. “There are big changes that happen between kittenhood and adulthood as cats grow through developmental milestones, but also changes for senior cats as they go through the normal ageing process,” said Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan, behaviour research scientist and chief veterinary officer at Purina. The behaviour changes can often be tied to further issues, beyond just ageing. If your cat has painful joints, for example if they suffer from arthritis, they may react more aggressively when you want to stroke them or pick them up. Cats can also suffer from cognitive decline, dementia, and this can cause them to become more vocal and more attention-seeking.

If your cat is more grumpy or aggressive than usual, then seek veterinary help first. You want to rule out medical causes for this behaviour. However, if your vet cannot identify any physical problems then get in touch with our behaviourist to help improve your cat’s life.

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