Playing with your cat – Part 3 (of 4)

Sunday – KITI Fun Day

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Following on from the last 2 Sunday’s here are a few more ideas for enjoying a fun kiti Sunday 😉

Types of play

Self play (solitary)
• Running around
Self play (object)
• Toys

Interactive play (social with other cats)
• Chasing
• Play fighting

Interactive play (social with humans)
• Fetch games
• Wand toys
• Laser pointer

Explore, search, forage play
• Cardboard boxes
• Cat activity centres
• Cupboards, wardrobes
• Bags

Play explores all parts of the predatory sequence: search, stalk, chase, pounce, catch and manipulate. Further research is required to establish whether or not the order and completeness of the sequence is important.

It can be observed however that some games/toys can cause frustration if the pounce/catch parts of the sequence are absent, for example, laser pointers, so it is advisable, until proven otherwise, to follow the sequence and mimic the natural circumstances as closely as possible, for example play in short bursts of activity before feeding times and end the game on a positive note when the cat catches the toy.

Rules of the game
It may be possible to identify, particularly if your cat has a high motivation to play, a particularly powerful toy that promotes an instant response every time. This toy should be used randomly to maintain its power. Cats are naturally neophilic (excited by novelty) so toys left out will soon lose their appeal.
All toys should therefore be rotated randomly and kept in a sealed bag when not in use.
Games should be ended on a positive note before your cat gets bored; a strong signal, particularly for the enthusiastic player, that the game has stopped is essential. If your cat appears to become over-excited or over-stimulated by a particular toy, stop that activity and redirect its attention to something else.

Any toys that are interactive and require your involvement should not be left out.

Play should mimic natural predatory behaviour so short bursts of activity at frequent intervals would be most beneficial.

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